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        The silence was broken by an odd rumbling sound. Both girls clutched their swollen bellies.
        "Ooh, no more!" Carly rubbed her pregnant looking belly.
        "Aah, I'm so full!" Laura leaned back, giving her gigantic tummy some much needed room.
        At once, the two looked at one another and smiled. All around them lay debris from their feast. The table piled with wrappers and crusts.
        "I feel bad for Nash!" Carly giggled, looking around.
        "Yeah!" Laura laughed while rubbing what little of her stomach she could reach.
        Both girls looked around, almost waiting for something to happen.
        "I really thought you were going to explode!" Carly nearly blushed. "There's no way I could eat that much!"
        "You ate as much as me!" Laura burped. "I was watching you, almost wishing you'd pop so I could stop eating!" She tenderly stroked her stomach.
        The two laughed, grinning with individual pride.
        Carly bit her lip. "Hey, what about one more bite each?" She looked teasingly at Laura.
        Laura looked down at her bulging body. "Mmm, okay..." She grinned at Carly.
        In unison, both girls reached to the table and each picked up a tiny piece of food. Glancing up to check the other was doing the same, they slowly brought the food to their lips.
        Carly ate the roll she had picked up, swallowing it as slowly as she could to ease its impact on her stuffed belly. She felt it reach her stomach, squashing in with the rest of its pressurised contents. Her belly gurgled and shook, but quickly came to rest.
        At the same time, Laura swallowed her slice of pie. To an onlooker, tiny morsel of food seemed utterly insignificant to Laura's hugely bloated belly. But Laura could feel the food adding to the immense weight inside her.
        Carly tenderly stroked her stomach, tapping her inverted navel. She looked up to see Laura patting her own bulging sides. "Full?" Carly smiled.
        "Yup!" Laura ran her pudgy fingers across her smooth skin. "Like a drum!"
        The two girls laughed again, each delighted with their own swollen stomachs.
        Carly shifted in her chair, reaching round her belly to her back pocket. She slid her phone out and checked the display. "Oh my god, it's like nearly midnight!"
        "Seriously?" Laura had no chance of reaching her own phone.
        "Yeah, I'll call a cab." Carly rang a speed dial and held the phone to her ear.
        Laura turned her attention back to her stuffed body. "So full..." she cooed to herself, stroking the mass of taught skin around her. She felt like a massive balloon, carefully balanced on a tiny chair. Flicking her hair to one side, she reached up to her breasts, her pudgy arms barely able to reach the swollen bosoms.
        "Thanks." Carly switched off her phone and looked up at Laura. "Cab's on its way."
        Laura nodded, still gently cupping her heaving breasts. "Do you think I'll fit?"
        Carly laughed but quickly realised that could be a real problem. "Umm, maybe..." Carly slid her chair back from the table and stood up.
        Laura wiggled slightly, causing her huge form to wobble from side to side. Eventually she was facing away from the table and was able to lean forward off the chair.
        Carly grinned as her much larger friend struggled to stand up. "Let me help." Carly was about to skip over to Laura when she felt her own distended stomach pulling her down.
        "I..." Laura stood up straight. "I'm okay..." She wobbled about for a second, but quickly retained balanced.
        "Oh my!" Carly looked in awe at her friend.
        Laura's body had swollen out of control. Balancing above her tiny feet were her massive thighs, each bulging out into her hugely enlarged butt. Resting atop her puffy waistline was Laura's enormous belly. It stretched out almost two meters in diameter and appeared smooth as a bowling ball. Barely covered by what little remained of her pink blouse were Laura's breasts, almost obscuring Laura's face in their position atop her stomach.
        "Ooh, I'm bigger than I thought!" Laura chuckled, admiring her reflection in a window.
        "Your freaking huge!" Carly almost felt jealous.
        "Let's get a look at you." Laura rotated, her breasts narrowing her field of view to whatever was in front of her. She faced Carly and looked down. "Wow, look at your belly!"
        Carly grinned. "It's as tight as a drum!" She patted her stomach proudly.
        "Come over here, let me feel!" Laura, avoiding unnecessary movement, beckoned Carly over.
        Carly proudly strode over to Laura's side. Aware that she was now out of Laura's field of view, Carly grabbed her friend's hand and placed it on her belly. "Feel that?"
        Laura felt uneasy with Carly so close and out of sight but was released when she felt her hand pressed against her friend's packed belly. "Oh my god, it's like a rock!" Laura blindly groped Carly's belly.
        While Laura stroked Carly's belly, Carly pressed her hand against Laura's swollen body. Her friend's gigantic stomach was warm and tight, as if she'd been stuffed with mash potato. Carly stopped when she felt a sudden jab in her belly. "Hey! Be careful!" Carly rubbed the part Laura had poked.
        "Sorry! I think you're tighter than me." Laura patted her hand across Carly's belly. Suddenly she found a very soft spot. "oh, wait, what's this?"
        "Uh, that's my boob." Carly watched as Laura fondled her breast.
        Laura quickly pulled her hand away." Oops! Sorry!"
        "It's okay!" Carly walked around to Laura's front, still out of the blonde's visual range. "Your tits are massive!" Carly looked up to see Laura's enlarged breasts bulging over her stomach. She was about to ask if she could touch them, but decided not to.
        "You think they're big? Have you seen my ass?" Laura tried to rotate, unaware of Carly's position.
        Carly was knocked back by a huge wall of stomach as Laura shuffled around. She quickly reached her hands around Laura's belly to hold her steady. "Easy big girl! I can just walk round you."
        The two girls giggled as Carly stepped around her enormous friend. She stood behind her and was silent.
        Laura bit her lip. "What are you doing back there?" Unable to see anything over her breasts and stomach, Laura felt very uneasy, particularly now that Carly was stood behind her. "Carly?"
        "Your ass is massive!" Carly exclaimed, standing behind Laura's gigantic rear.
        Laura's butt, at its fullest part, bulged out almost a meter from her waist. Each butt cheek was like a beach ball, stuffed into her black tracksuit bottoms. Carly couldn't resist.
        "Mind if I touch it?" Carly felt stupid, but desperately wanted to feel Laura's enlarged butt.
        Laura laughed. "Sure! Just be careful! That'll pop just like my belly!"
        Carly reached out to grab both sides of Laura's rear. It was warm, and tighter than her belly. Laura's tracksuit bottoms stretched like a second skin over each enormous butt cheek. Carly tried to squeeze the massive cheeks together but they were too wide apart.
        "Having fun?" Laura was enjoying the attention round her bum.
        "Yeah, it's like you've had butt implants the size of space hoppers!" Carly slapped her hand against Laura's right butt cheek.
        The forceful slap against her butt made Laura jump, causing her massive body to wobble like a bouncy castle.
        "You like that!?" Carly grinned and spanked Laura even harder.
        Laura squealed. "No! Stop!" Laura was helpless to prevent Carly and made no attempt to turn around and stop her.
        "Oh, sorry!" Carly smoothed her hand over the part she had spanked. Carly wondered if Laura would feel anything if she kissed her ass. Slowly, straining her back muscles to gradually lower her swollen belly, Carly lowered her lips to Laura's ass. She pressed her tongue against her friend's tracksuit bottoms and quickly retracted it, making a quiet kissing sound.
        Carly stood up straight, placing a hand under her belly.
        Laura hadn't noticed Carly's kiss.
        Carly grinned and proudly skipped back around to Laura's front.
        "Hey, I think the cab's here!" Laura lifted her bag from the table.
        Carly saw a car's headlights beam through the glass doors. "Cool!" She picked up her own bag and made for the doorway.
        "Whoa wait, Carly, can you give me a hand here?" Laura turned to face the door.
        "What's up?" Carly couldn't see anything wrong with her friend.
        "Umm, I don't know how wide I am!" Laura stepped toward the door.
        Carly laughed for a second before standing in front of Laura. "Sure, come forward."
        Laura stepped forward, watching Carly's face bob above and below the equator of her stomach. Slowly, she shuffled toward the doorway.
        "Okay, uuh, a little to your right." Carly patted the side of Laura's belly.
        Laura shifted to her right, watching the door line up in the middle of her vision.
        "Alright, now forward again." Carly stepped back, smiling as she watched Laura's enormous belly moving toward her. "Okay keep going..." Carly spun round quickly to open the restraint doors. She paused in the doorway for a moment, feeling the cool night air brush against her tender stomach.
        "Ah! Carly!" Laura had stopped, the sides of her stomach pressing against the doorway. She also paused, feeling the cool air spread across her titanic belly.
        "You'll fit, keeping going." Carly beckoned her massive friend forward. "Almost there now!"
        Laura felt the her belly squeezing through the doorway, out into the night. A few more awkward shuffles forward, and she was out.
        Carly cheered and stepped back, spinning round to face the cab.
        The vehicle had turned sideways to the restaurant, its main door open.
        "Aauuhh... Laura." Carly looked behind her at her friend who was also staring at the cab.
        "Yup, that's gonna be a squeeze."
        Both girls burst out laughed, causing their swollen bellies to wobble and bounce.
        They sighed and looked at one another.
        "Who's first then?"
One of the 5 alternate endings to this story.
(See! I can write happy endings =P )

Find out more: [link]
PART 1: [Click Here] (Back to the start)

PART 2: [Click Here] (Both are friends again)
ENDING D: [Click Here] (Carly overfeeds Laura)

ENDING C: [Click Here] (Laura overfeeds Carly)
Other parts [Spoilers]
ENDING A: [Click Here] (Carly pops Laura)

ENDING B: [Click Here] (Laura pops Carly)
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FatClubInc Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
Man this story is hot; Great work :)
AirGrenade Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Thankyou so much! :D
Likes-Them-Plump Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012
probably me fav ending, as not into the whole exploding thing meyself..
hr45 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2011
I am doing an attempt at making the final form of each girl of the e ending in Sims 3. Thank God for AwesomeMod
AirGrenade Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011
I'd love to see a screen cap of that if can get it :D
hr45 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011
It my not be very good
AirGrenade Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011
don't mind, I'd love to see your interpretation of them, in any format :)
hr45 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011
here you go
BritBE Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
This is my second fav. they live to gorge another day. and I like how they have to get used to their new sizes.
AirGrenade Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011
hehe, I wasn't sure how this one would be received, given I very rarely write open ended conclusions. I was going to write about Laura's struggle getting into the taxi, but I decided to leave that up to reader's imagination :D Also the cab driver was going to be a character that the reader could relate to, as he gingerly helps the stuffed ladies into the cab. But again, your imagination will make a much better job of it than my writing =P Cheers for reading!! :w00t:
spathicblond Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
Have to say I agree with Korg. I was expecting a dual pop after Part 2's ending.
AirGrenade Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
Hmmm, perhaps that should have been ending E. :hmm: but I wanted to include at least one non explosive conclusion and seriously didn't have the energy to write another part. Just read ending C and D side by side =P
grandacez Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
Good ending= best ending :D meaning more sequels and for another series, maybe a comic about something similar to this except different characters. Have you thought about the L4d1 or L4D2 females?
AirGrenade Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011
Thanks! :D You mean Zoey and Rochelle? I prefer to work with original characters as I find them more flexible :)
zededd Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha, for once, i like the happy ending :P
AirGrenade Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011
:wow: Seriously?
hehe, =P why is that?
zededd Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*shrux* fragged if i know... usually because it leaves a lot more room for sequels XD
then again... i've got three 'dead' characters that are in a sequel :P
AirGrenade Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
:laughing: lol, nobody really dies in fantasy land, they're merely delayed a little =P
zededd Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hahaa, too right :P
KorgFal Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
Darn, I was hoping E would end with them both popping! LOL....maybe you should write an F? Either way, great story man!
AirGrenade Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
haha! My thoughts exactly! Truth is I'm bored to death with this story now, so glad it's out of the way :) But yeah, a double pop conclusion might be necessary :evileye: Thanks!
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